Lifetime Logistics Award

Mr. Bülent Aymen has been awarded “LIFETIME LOGISTICS AWARD” at Economy and Logistics Summit in Istanbul on June 16,2022.

First aim of SBYExpress is to be in top 5

Working as both B2B and B2C for e-commerce and micro export shipments, SBYExpress offers all steps of the supply chain for Europe in the best way, and the cash on delivery model, which is a very important service for the Middle East region and makes a difference by realizing its distribution rate performance at 87 percent well above the region and sector average. Resolving the return traffic, which is one of the most troublesome issues in international e-commerce, in its warehouses in the relevant countries and offering different solutions such as after-sales distribution or bringing back to the country, SBYExpress, with its strong IT infrastructure, offers easy integration to its customers and the opportunity of online tracking from the moment of order to the delivery to the final purchaser. SBYExress CEO Savas Yasar, who joined the SBYExpress family in 2019 and achieved 1000-1500 shipments per day in a short time with his strong and experienced team, said, “While providing point-to-point delivery service to all countries, we provide door-to-door service with our own operational network and strong partners in all the Europe, especially in Germany, the Middle East and North Africa Region, Russia, Israel and Azerbaijan”. Stating that they managed the pandemic process well and continued their operations without interruption, Savas Yasar said, “Despite the increasing costs, we increased our service quality and stood by our business partners with competitive prices. Our goal is to be within top 5 by increasing the momentum we have achieved” and he continued, “We provide consultancy and solution suggestions to our customers who want to make a start in the field of e-commerce, not only on logistics services, but also on payment systems, marketplace integrations and local solutions in target countries.”

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