Sabay Logistics has increased its service diversity and quality since its establishment, followed the emerging new world trends and launched its Express unit in 2018 to give a new impulse to e-commerce, micro export and international transport.


It provides B to C, B to B to C and B to B international cross border express transportation services to many markets in the world, especially to destinations such as Europe, Middle East and MENA region, Russia, Israel, and Azerbaijan, itself and through the network it has built with its partners.


SBYExpress with its broad vision, experienced and professional management staff and team,
Within the newly developing e-commerce eco-system, it provides consultancy and solution suggestions together with its partners to its customers who want to make a start in this field not only with its transportation and logistics services, but also on other needs of the system such as payment systems, marketplace integrations, and counter country local solutions. Speed, reliability and affordable price are our main principles.


It offers its services to its customers by prioritizing issues such as Speed, Reliability, Sustainable excellent operational performance and unconditional customer satisfaction, and at the same time by combining them with its advanced technology infrastructure.