Transport and customs clearance system without the customs broker charges within the scope of the ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration) with SBYEXPRESS having Postal Service Provider authorization certificate.


SBYEXPRESS, which carries out import freight transportation to Turkey from all over the world in the field of B2C, is one of the leading companies in the sector providing services in this field. It can also offer the fastest service and most economical prices in the B2B field.


Products shipped from Turkey to a company in the European Community with a single invoice are sent to the final purchasers in separate countries and addresses through the “All In One” system, without the obligation to stop by the country on the invoice after clearing through customs in Germany.

Worldwide Shipping Service

Providing services in more than 220 countries

The fastest and most reliable door-to-door shipment option to more than 220 countries and autonomous regions all around the world, especially in the B2B field


Economic Cargo

It is the most economical and trouble-free method of sending e-commerce shipments to the addresses of the persons in B2C field, or B2B shipments.

Air Cargo

The fastest cargo transportation

Transportation option from the airport to the airport or to the door of your purchaser through all commercial airlines by SBYEXPRESS having IATA Cargo Transport authorization.


Your business partner in online trade

Customer-specific solutions for B2C shipments exported under Micro Export

Your Reliable Business Partner

SBYExpress delivers your shipment to many destinations in the world at any time with a fast, safe and quality cargo service and affordable prices.


If you have chosen Sabay Logistics, you know well that SBYExpress is the shortest way between your shipment and its destination.

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